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About Group Health

California small group health care reform (AB1672) has determined that all small group plans are guarantee issue for employers meeting the legislated requirements.  All insurance carriers are obligated to sell any small group any health plan that they offer to any other small group. 

In order to be eligible for guarantee issue small group health coverage, employer must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must offer health benefits to 100% of eligible employees.
  2. 75% of eligible employees must enroll (does not include those covered elsewhere). 100% have to enroll if employer contribution is 100%.
  3. Employer must contribute at least 50% toward employee’s dues.
  4. Must have employed 2-50 eligible employees on at least 50% of your company’s working days during the preceding calendar quarter or calendar year.
  5. Eligible employee is full-time 30 hours or more (Some carriers will accept 20 hours).
  6. Must employ at least 2 eligible employees on first day of plan year.
  7. Carriers may require one or more of the following documents:
      A. CA State Employment Quarterly Tax and Wage Report
      B. Copy of Current Carrier Billing Statement and plan information
           if applicable.